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Title: Rom-a-don
Post by: Wibumba on August 03, 2007, 04:47:55 pm
I'm making a site similar to WibTorrent that's full of free roms. It contains a complete archive of every N64 and GBA game ever released. It also contains sega roms and some older nintendo ones. It additionally has a small xbox ISO section for full xbox games.

I already have the entire archive available, I'm just working on finishing the site.

Like WibTorrent, this site will use a registration method where you must agree to accepting promotional emails before you can fully register. I suggest using an alternate email.

Title: Re: Rom-a-don
Post by: Wibumba on August 08, 2007, 12:56:02 am
The site is almost ready. It's been renamed to "WibROM" and here are the current stats.

Nintendo - 646 Games

Super Nintendo - 721 Games

Nintendo 64 - 288 Games

Nintendo DS - 123 Games

Gameboy Advanced - 974 Games

Sega Complete Set:

   Sega 32X - 35 Games

   Sega 1000 - 56 Games

   Sega Game Gear - 265 Games

   Sega Master System - 308 Games

   Sega Mega Drive - 818 Games

I even included a special n64 rom I got myself, the "master quest" edition of Zelda: ocarina of time. It was originally intended for a bonus disc that came with the Windwaker when pre-ordered, but an n64 version was leaked from nintendo.

4225 roms altogether.